Physics can be fun, with a newest GPU that is

Accurately simulating the physics of the real world has been the domain of supercomputers for decades. The simulation of even “simple” physical phenomena like fire, smoke, and water requires a staggering amount of math. Now that we almost have multicore supercomputers on every desktop, it’s only natural that aspect of computing would trickle down to us.

This topic is particularly relevant in light of the introduction of NVIDIA’s newest video card, the GTX 280, which contains a whopping 1.4 billion transistors. That’s a lot. Even compared to the Intel dual core CPU, here’s a shot of the nVidia 280 GPU next to a modern Intel dual-core Penryn CPU.

With the GPUs available today, lets see some awesome games that are coming up to test these babies on. These are a new genre called physics based games which can test the outer limits of your GPU performance.

Do you like Civil Engineering? Then this little game is for you. It is a physics based game that requires good design skills in Civil Engineering… Plus a brain of a genius!Game developers, you’ll see some kickass ways to employ physics in game with this one.

If you don’t like games that take time, skip this one.

Bridge Construction Set is about building a bridge that doesn’t break, although watching your bridge creation break and plunge a train into the watery depths below can be half the fun. In Bridge Construction Set you design and build bridges and then stress test them to see how your creations hold up under pressure. When test vehicles pass over your bridge and make it safely across you know you’ve succeeded. If they plummet into the river you know you need to go back to the drawing board.

The robust physics deployed in Bridge Construction Set let you build a unlimited variety of bridges. Try your hand at giant suspension bridges, complex drawbridges, multi-level train and automobile bridges and everything in between. The 3D graphics allow you to view your bridge from any angle including a first person view – it’s like being strapped to the front of the train when your bridge is first tested…

Bridge Construction Set includes many types of bridge building levels in varying degrees of difficulty from simple to complex with a tutorial to get you started building bridges. A Level Editor is also included so you can create your own levels and trade them with others.

Oh, and small hint: after playing this game, you will learn to love the power and beauty of the simple triangle. You’ll also marvel at the longer bridges you manage to drive across without plunging into the watery abyss underneath.

The official site, Trial version

Of course you know where to get the full version, can you spell t-o-r-r-e-n-t? 😉

If you are buying, try to get the nVidia version. It has got cool graphix.

Other physics based games you might find interesting,

I also recommend Trials2:second edition


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